Property Management


MATCOM Property Management, Inc. provides residential and commercial property management in the Minneapolis metropolitan area and has built a diverse portfolio of properties over a quarter of a century. MATCOM specializes in meeting the needs of investors to help maximize the benefits of owning rental property.

MATCOM's property managers have years of experience in rental relations and leasing. We assess each property's rental market to obtain the best profit for our investors. Our company handles all promotion to attract qualified tenants to our properties. We have extensive experience in recognizing quality tenants for residential and commercial investors. We handle:

  • All credit reports and tenant screening
  • Supply comprehensive leases that comply with state and federal laws
  • Accounting and record keeping
  • Year-end tax reporting information
  • Buildng maintenance performed by licensed CRMT technicians
  • 24-hour paging service for emergency contact by tenants

At MATCOM we offer property management services attractive to investors who are looking for property management that includes integrity and professionalism along with realistic profits.

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